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I’m an american living in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve studied communication design and right now I serve as art director for the literature and culture magazine The Drift.

While not doing that, I write about greenwashing in design. My writing hasbeen published by The Baffler, American Institute of Graphic Arts’ Eye On Design, Protean Magazine, Icarus Complex Magazine, and MOLD Magazine, among others.

design ecocriticism

Design has to do so much to reassure us that everything is ok. The packaging of milk and bread at your local market, the ads and influencers on social media, the billboards along highways, the buildings we live in, the furniture we lounge on—all of it is sustainable now, much of it is even carbon neutral. Yet seas keep rising, forests keep burning, emissions keep growing, and capital keeps extracting.

I look at how ecology and Nature takes form in design. And contextualize it, in a world of planetary ecological disaster. Analyzing the now inescapable greenwashing that has been distributed to placate a public that is quickly losing its patience.


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