John Pender Kazior

An American artist and author. I write about design from an ecocritical perspective. Looking at the aesthetics of Nature, sustainability, climate, and environmentalism in relationship to escalating ecological catastrophe across the planet.

From greenwashing in consumer packaging to climate megaprojects to mycelium patents. My work has been featured in both print and web publications including AIGA Eye On Design, Fast Company, The Baffler, Icarus Complex, Protean Magazine, and MOLD Magazine.On occasion, I have lent research support to various projects—including short documentaries produced by The New Yorker.

Additionally, I serve as the art director for the culture and politics magazine The Drift. I also co-founded Feral Malmö—a project researching social-ecology in Malmö, Sweden.


If you’d like to get in touch, for a project or otherwise, please send me an email at mail (at) jpkazior (dot) com.